What To Bring

Travel Documents


Airline Tickets(Delta,SAA,etc.)

Immunization records where necessary

Cash, Credit Cards, Travelers Checks, Global Rescue Card, Foreign Currency, etc.

Guns and 40-60 rounds ammo for each caliber

FAA approved gun case

Import/Export form 4457 for each rifle

SAPS520 if passing through South Africa

Letter of Invitation to go with your SAPS520

Destination country Firearms Permit

Taxidermy Info, Import Permits(ie.Coppersmith,Fauna and Flora)

Extra riflescope


Binoculars (compact and full size)


Extreme water bottle

Knife or Leatherman

SportEars or electronic ear muffs

Extra batteries for everything

Good lightweight walking shoes(2 pairs)

Shirts, pants in neutral color(5 sets)

Underwear, socks(5 changes)

Warm jacket

Shooting vest

Safari hat

Personal toiletries

Chap stick



Mosquito repellent

Mosquito net in rare cases

Good still and video cameras and adequate electronic storage devices

220/110 voltage converter

Again batteries for everything

Medical kit(Personal medications,antimalarial,Imodium,Tums,Advil,Tylenol,antibiotic ointment,aspirin,bandaids,tweezers,fingernail clippers,etc.)